Peter Holst Henckel's artistic practice is widely branching and multifaceted. He characteristically works in the field of tension between the obvious and the ambiguous. On the surface his works may seem visually appealing and easy to understand, but as soon as you are lured within, a far more complex and compound world opens up.

Peter Holst Henckel made his debut in 1987, and has over the years developed an impressive and unique oeuvre, which, in addition to photographic, graphic and sculptural works and installations, also encompasses spatial and architectural projects in new buildings and public spaces.

Alongside his artistic work, Peter Holst Henckel has since his youth been the initiator and driving force behind a number of significant and agenda-setting projects, exhibitions and forums. He has also taught at art colleges, schools of architecture and design schools in Denmark and abroad, and through his positions, representative posts and board memberships he has helped to rethink, renew and update art education and a range of artistic institutions.

This website provides an insight into and samples of Peter Holst Henckel's extensive artistic practice, exhibitions, works and commissions, and comprises, in text and images, the most comprehensive presentation of his practice.